The daily renewal of skin cells is a natural process – involving the shedding of dead skin cells and their gradual replacement by fresh new cells. However, in some individuals this process can happen at an abnormally fast rate – and this shedding of skin cells can cause the appearance of flaky, scaly skin, red itching spots and sometimes inflammation can occur. Up to three out of every hundred people are known to suffer from this non-contagious skin condition.

Sea.line products are able to treat many external skin complaints very effectively, although they cannot treat the internal cause. Instead these products successfully work to balance excessive cell growth, cell turnover and moisture and fat levels. In addition, our carefully researched formulas also actively restore the skin and can decrease irritation and itching. When properly applied, our products contribute to healthy, soft, supple and smooth skin which stays calm and feels refreshed. Dermatological research has shown that there is significant improvement after treatment with the Dead Sea Rejuvenation Treatment in just 4 to 6 weeks.

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